TransWorld Top 10: Airwalk A-1

One of just two sans-sidwall boards in the top ten, the A-1 stood out with traditional cap characteristics–shitloads of pop. This year’s A-1 is kitted with a sintered base and just the right number of four-by-to (“machine gun”) inserts to get you dialed. For guts, it’s got a somcposit, Airex core that supplies what Ami called a “Nice, still flex.”

The lively flex and pop were on top of every tester’s scorecard, but some riders noticed a slighte delay in turns–probably because the A-1 comes with a belt size (waist width) of 25.5 cms. It’s laid out for size-nine to ten-and-a-half botts; if you’re not as large-toed, try the 155 length. The A-1 is pure, directional dopeness, and it’s far from limited to the park or halftube.

Length: (cm): 158
Effective edge (cm): 122.8
Sidecut Radius (m):8.1
Waist width (cm): 25.55
Price: $450

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