For the women who seek out every powder stash along with every last side hit, we’ve compiled this season’s best all-mountain snowboards. Whether you like railing turns on groomers, or pinning it through narrow, adrenaline-inducing chutes, these decks promise to provide you with the response, rigidity, and overall performance you need and desire. Fit to be reliable daily drivers, you can bet each of these boards are ready to tackle it all.

Burton Feelgood

Built to tackle any terrain, the legendary Burton Feelgood is a go-to all-mountain deck thanks to its predictable, straightforward ride. This directional twin boasts a positive camber profile, which riders will be drawn to for its impeccable snap and accountability. From side-hits to rallying through chunder, it proves capable of handling it all.

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GNU Klassy

The Klassy’s directional outline features a hybrid profile, which places rocker in the center and elliptical camber underfoot, deeming it perfect for playing in powder with its floaty and surfy feel. Proving a carve-hungry option as well, Magne-Traction edges grip variable conditions with precision and ease.

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RIDE Hellcat

Hana Beaman’s signature Hellcat is designed with intent for all-mountain pillaging—and for ladies who aren’t afraid of hellbound speeds. Featuring slight rocker in the nose for increased float when the snow piles up, it also possesses camber underfoot for added control on hardpack and plenty of pop.

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Lib Tech Cold Brew

Hybrid in nature, the Cold Brew possesses rocker in the center with cambered sections underfoot. Riders will find the profile fun for freeriding in a variety of conditions, and despite its predominantly rockered profile, will enjoy how stable it actually is – perhaps more so than many of the traditionally cambered boards out there.

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Salomon Pillow Talk

Don’t let its powder-influenced shape deter you – the sweet, seductive Pillow Talk is a quiver killer. Camber dominant with slight rocker in the tail and especially the nose, this deck is tapered and tailored specifically for hard-charging femmes who want it all. A wider than average design allows a shorter length for easy maneuverability and increased floatation.

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