If you’re the type of rider who spends the majority of his time lapping the park or going out on late-night handrail missions, then you realize the need for a board that is both predictable and bulletproof. The following five boards have proven up to the task – decks that can take a beating, while still proving the give and flex to keep up with your constant progression. But don’t think for a second that these sticks can’t hang on the rest of the mountain either.

Dinosaurs Will Die maeT

The maeT’s medium flex pattern, mid-wide waist, and easy-to-fix triple extruded base results in the perfect option for the rail-focused rider who still enjoys lapping around the resort like it’s one big terrain park. And thanks to a poppy, predictable ride that holds an edge with the best of them, this board is more than capable of handling the responsibility.

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Stepchild Latchkey

Featuring a slightly stiffer than middle-of-the-road flex pattern, Stepchild’s most iconic model proves to be both stable and poppy, making it a viable deck for the rider who enjoys both higher speeds and larger jump lines. With subtle flat sections outside of the inserts, the Latchkey certainly stays true to its namesake by effectively locking into presses.

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GNU Headspace

Whether you’re mashing slushy berms, pressing through kinks, or sending it to the moon, this deck is ready to handle everything with style. With an asymmetrical design featuring a deeper sidecut along the heel edge along with Mervin’s signature Magne-Traction and mellow C3 camber profile, the Headspace can rip through it all.

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YES. Greats UnInc.

Building on its existing reputation as a park-focused asymmetrical board built for handling the demands of an all-mountain rider, this season’s Greats UnInc. now features the new MidBite technology, which blends the response of a narrow waist with the stability – and increased float in pow – offered by a wider nose and tail.

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CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome

Featuring CAPiTA’s All-Terrain V2 Profile, which blends together the benefits of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber, this versatile deck is equally comfortable locking into handrails as it is charging through the steeps outside of your resort’s boundary lines. If you’re looking for one board to rule them all, then look no further than the DOA.

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