Tara designed her board with a stiff flex so it’d have pop, and she topped it off with a cool graphic¿a tug-of-war between vixen and beast. The 147 is the length Tara rides in contests, so it’s no wonder this board got our lady testers all worked up in the park.

A combination of woods in Sims’ Type Three core make the 750 Series (which includes Tara’s 147 and 152, and the Tina Basich models) fifteen-percent lighter than other boards in the line¿perfect for chicks. The stiff flex is helped out by some carbon fiber, and sidewall construction makes this board a stable ride, but it may be too much of a good thing (too stiff) if you don’t shred like Tara.

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Tara Dakides
Length (cm): 147

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