Chorus is a new company¿started by girls, for girls¿under the same saucy direction as Millennium Three. With a series of boards named to inspire, the Determination is a freestyle board ridden by the likes of Cara-Beth Burnside.

The 150 cm directional board has a substantial effective edge, so it holds an edge on the snow and stays stable. Because it’s stiff, the Determination can handle any condition, but this board is made to perform best in the park and pipe. Also, the flex and shape of Chorus boards are customized for women. Although CB worked with artists to design the graphics to match her personality, the entire team, who encompass a wide variety of riding styles, designed the board itself, translating their uniqueness into it.

Determination 150
Effective edge (cm): 118
Sidecut Radius (m): 8/7.5
Waist Width (cm): 24.2
Price: $400

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