Tina Dixon
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 120 pounds
Foot size: women’s 8.5
Years riding: Seven
Sponsors: Sessions, Smith, Blindside

Like any smart board-tester, Tina figured out early that the only way to ride ten boards a day and keep smiling is to continually have a mug of some sort in her hands. A recent addition to the pro-rider free-agent list, Tina’s ridden for, and worked with, some heavy-hitting snowsliding companies, so she knows her way around a board.

The test made a good study for Tina, who’s always pushing herself to learn and “trying to do it with style.” She jibbed and buttered a little on each board for starters, then stepped it up to the jumps and pipe. “It was cool riding different stuff and checking out what’s on the market,” Tina said. Like most of the other testers, flex and pop were at the top of Tina’s list when shopping for a new ride.