Sara Osterberg
Height: 5′ 4”
Weight 135 pounds
Foot size: women’s 6
Years riding: Nine
Sponsors: Billabong, Flux, ThirtyTwo, Arnette

While T.D. and J. Lo were bringin’ down the superpipe walls, the girl from Borealdo, Sara Osterberg, was sessioning the park and hiking rails. Sara spends summers at Hood, so she’s had plenty of time to refine her steez (tough frontside spins) on a snowboard.

Aside from when she was trying to get everyone down to the hot springs, Sara was seriously feeling out every board. “I tried to be as fair as possible, taking even the boards I didn’t like through the pipe, on a rail or two, lots of jumps, and a few soul turns.” What’s Sara look for in a board? “Lots of pop, semi-stiff, not too wide, a good all-around freestyle board.”

Check her out in Here We Go Again, the new video from A.O.D.