It seems one of the latest crazes in snowboarding is raising the maintenance awareness levels of riders everywhere. It used to be cool to beat the crap out of your stick back when everyone thought wax was for weenies, but now it’s cool to know how to take care of your ride. Well, say hello to Burton’s answer to the tuning craze-The RED Deluxe File Kit. It has eight quality tools to get you started on taking care of your edges. A heavy-duty Cordura(r) carrying case houses a Sandvik Oberg self-cleaning file, Sandvik mill-bastard file, DMT diamond stone, Sandvik metal scraper, gummy stone, mini stone, extra-fine sandpaper and a file cleaner. The only thing you should have to add to this complete kit are some file guides to help you get just the right bevel. With all the consumer tuning kits available on the market, its nice to finally find one that someone has put some thought into and given the consumer some quality tools to work with.