ThirtyTwo Yota Snowboard Boots

The Yota features an ingenious new lacing system based on the concept that boot liners should expand around you foot rather than cinch down to fit them. The liner sits in a contracted inner-forefoot wrap made from stretching materials like neoprene and elastic mesh. The wrap expands as you slide your foot in for a secure fit.

While most boots have a lacing system that puts pressure on the stiff outer material, making it difficult to tie the boots tight enough in the ankle and heel area, the Yota features an internal lacing system. The laces are sandwiched between the liner and the boot’s outside material, and they’re protected with a flap of Nubuck leather. They put tension where tension’s needed¿right on your foot. If you’ve ever had problems with a sloppy boot fit or heel lift, try the Yotas on for size. At three pounds six ounces, these boots are paperweights. SRP: $269.95