The White Album

Shaun White and his high school friends and family all got together last week for a mellow night at Oakley for the premiere of the Cinemaseone produced The White Album .

Shaun had friends Bucky Lasek, Tony Hawk, Kier Dillon, Lyn-Z Adams-Hawkins, and other Encinitas YMCA kids over to the Oakley headquarters-you know, pretty normal, high-schooler stuff. Everyone ate a bunch of candy and got a mean sugar high, watched a movie that exceeded expectations, and got home by curfew.

Cinematographer Dave Seone’s past projects included Subjekt Haakonsen , so spectators knew what sort of richly filmed, creatively edited, visual treat lay ahead. But little did we know what Shaun had only two weeks earlier been up to in New Zealand. It’s safe to say that Shaun is fully recovered from his knee injury. Snowpark, New Zealand was a total slaughterfest. I don’t want to give anything away, but the combinations Shaun was putting together on a step-down tabletop, over a thirty foot gap, to a down box. … epic, kid.

It’s a snowboarding/skateboarding documentary and it’s a rockumentary–it’s available at your local snowboard shop and it’s being mass-distributed through Target. According to Target’s press release, “Target is the exclusive mass retailer of the DVD from November 15 through February 15. In addition, Target Stores spent the past six months creating seven exclusive “Webisodes,” which offer an online behind-the-scenes look at White’s life. These unique “Webisodes” can be viewed at in the months leading up to the DVD release date, and one exclusive “Webisode” will be available on Target’s version of the DVD on sale beginning November 15.”

Now you know.