The Amazing Rollerwing

BEDMINSTER, Pa.–June 9, 1998–Ladies and Gentleman. From the company that brought you the unbelievable Flipolite glue-on taillights for your scuba fins and the ultra-hygienic Ameba Guard snorkel condom, comes the amazing Rollerwing.The Rollerwing is a five and one-half inch board that protrudes from the rear of an in-line skate transforming it into an in-line skateboard.

“It really offers a whole new dimension to in-line skating,” said Kathy Steinbach, the Bedminster, PA oral surgeon’s wife who developed the product after seeing her sons hobble around on one skate. “Our early product testing has convinced us that the Rollerwing is a true common ground between the skateboarding and in-line skating camps.”

Not only will the Rollerwing cause peace between the troops, it also allows lower income kids to get twice the mileage out of one pair of skates.

“Part of the excitement of the Rollerwing is the potential that it offers for in-line skaters to be even more creative than they already are,” said Dr. David Forman, Steinbach’s husband and co-founder of the family-owned Pudge Corp. “All of the discussions we’ve had regarding the Rollerwing have indicated that the product ultimately may become a whole new sport as snowboarding has.”

This statement would suggest that the discussions Dr. Forman had did not include anyone who had ever ridden a snowboard or skateboard before.

In addition to the standard product, the Rollerwing can be customized on large orders. The broad, flat surface of the protruding wing makes it an ideal location for an advertising billboard like those seen on Taxis. Hey, maybe aggressive in-line skaters are good for something after all.

If you’d like to be the biggest dork on your block, grab a Rollerwing. They are available for $34.95.