ThirtyTwo 32 Prime Snowboard Boot

ThirtyTwo Prime Boots ($300)

Key feature: Adjustable support and flex, and improved foothold via interchangeable foot-wrapping cages.

Pros: Dave says, "The cages can be changed pretty quickly by unlacing three eyelets. They come with stiff and medium/soft-flexing cages so you essentially have two flexes and feels with one pair of boots. They're also really lightweight and comfortable."

Cons: "It seems like the boot laces on your back foot could get worn out a little quicker because they are more exposed and rub on the stiffer foot wrap cage," says Dave. "It was also difficult to get that first over-the-toe lace super tight."

"The stiff cage is great for jumps, pipe, or freeriding and the medium/soft cages make jibbing and playing in the park easier. Aside from the cage feature, they're so light and comfy. You can run them with the softer cage and when they start wearing down, recharge the fit with the stiffer cage," says Dave.

daveDave Reynolds
5/5 stars