Tested: Smith I/OS Goggle

Smith I/OS Goggle Transworld Snowboarding

Smith I/OS Goggle ($180)

Key Feature: Rapid lens interchangeability for smaller faces.

Pros: Caroline says, “They come with an extra lens and the lenses are so easy to switch out, it could be done in a dark room while wearing mittens. The ventilation is awesome and they fit smaller faces perfectly! I even got compliments from friends and lifties on their good looks!”

Cons: “Not many, they are probably too small for a lot of faces, but that’s not really a con, because those people can just grab the original I/O instead.”

Verdict: Caroline says, “These are stylish, incredibly performing goggles that fit smaller faces and have the best lens-swapping system invented thus far. These Smith I/OSes do everything they claim to do!”

Caroline Onzik