Tested: Signal Park Rocker

Signal Park Rocker Snowboard Transworld Snowboarding

Signal Park Rocker ($340)

Key Feature: An aggressive, three-stage rocker profile for a very jibby ride.

Pros: Kyle mentions, “This thing dishes out presses like candy. No longer do you have to throw your body in nosepress position and wonder if your tail ever left the rail. The wheelies are wild, too!”

Cons: “Wear a neck brace if you’re thinking about going big, or fast for that matter, through the local terrain park. The heavily raised kinks right outside the bindings reduce its stability and ability to turn and crack ollies at speed.”

Verdict: The final word from Kyle, “I have ridden a lot of reverse camber decks and thought they were the best thing since buttered bread; however, this deck takes the cake when it comes to sublime jib offerings. It’s pretty darn epic for a mellow day cruising the park with your broskies, besides minor setbacks in the aviation department, I would consider this one of the most fun decks I’ve ever shredded on.”

Kyle Martin