Tested: Sessions Thermatics D30 Crew and Pants

Sessions Thermatics d3o Crew ($75) and Pants ($75)

Key feature: d3o impact-absorbent material that provides a shock-absorbing platform in key areas (elbows, knees, tailbone, hips).

Pros: Alex says, "The thermals themselves are really nice." He added, "The pants could definitely help beginners who are just learning how to snowboard— the tailbone pad and kneepads would be wonderful if you're sitting down or on your knees all day."

Cons: "The actual pads themselves are a little bit annoying. In the bottoms, the pads are on your hips and knees, so you can't really feel them; but in the tops, they're right on your elbows and every time you bend your arm you can feel the pads, which gets irritating."

Verdict: Alex says, "I would have rather been wearing regular, more comfortable thermals." He also added, "The pads might give some people a false sense of safety." But he had a bit of a change of heart: "The tailbone pad might majorly save your tail if you slipped out on a rail." The consensus is that these are best for beginning riders who spend a lot of time on their knees and butt.


Alex Lopez