Sessions M4 Jacket ($330)Sessions M4 Jacket Unzipped

Key Feature: Skull Candy audio system (amp, speakers, and control pad) built into the jacket.

Pros: Chris says, "From the control on the sleeve you can play, pause, skip songs, and adjust the volume all while your iPod is locked. It's easy to use and the volume gets loud enough to hear while your shredding!"

Cons: Chris found that "if your iPod is off, it won't turn on with the buttons on the sleeve."

Verdict: Chris' verdict is that if you like listening to music while you ride, then this jacket is perfect. He says, "The battery-powered mini amp and speakers in the collar pump loud enough to hear when you're riding, plus you can always plug in your own headphones and still use the controls." He added,  "I love Metallica, so I was stoked on the logo and the jacket fits good and looks awesome!"

Chris Luzier

Chris Luzier