Tested: Ride Strapper Keeper Boots


Ride Strapper Keeper Boots ($230)

Key Feature: A rapid, adjustable Velcro upper closure for ease of entry, a shoe-like feel and mobility in the upper portion of the boot.

Pros: Alex says, “They’re fast to get into and very easy to cinch. Overall, they’re very comfortable and forgiving and I enjoyed riding them. A good park boot.”

Cons: Alex says, “It was hard for me to get them tight enough. The straps look cool, but don’t really work that well. The lacing system is good in theory, but could be improved.”

Verdict: Alex’s last words: “They look cool. The boot itself is good and has a nice flex for park riding, but the liner lacing is more complicated than it should be, and combined with the Velcro, it just doesn’t get tight enough.”

Alex Lopez