Ride Contraband Bindings ($199)

Key feature
: One-touch in-and-out V-Strap single ratchet.

Pros: Chris immediately noted that, "This binding is a little faster to strap into because you only have one ratchet."

Cons: Chris had two main complaints after testing,http://www.dogfunk.com/dogfunk/RDE0133/Ride-Contraband-Snowboard-Binding.htmlhe said, "My biggest complaint is how hard and time-consuming these binding are to set up." He added, "The Contraband and the ankle strap were equally as tight, which caused too much pressure on my toes."

Verdict: Chris says, "I think that it's worth the extra couple of seconds to strap into two straps, because then you can have one tighter than the other, which is how I ride." He added, "I also didn't like how the pressure on my toes was all in one spot."


Chris Luzier