Tested: Ride Canvas

Rde Canvas Snowboard

Ride Canvas ($500)

Key feature: A low-rising rocker in the tip and tail for a looser, catch-free ride that retains traditional snowboard stability and pop.

Pros: Jess says, "The Canvas has a smooth ride with very minimal hooking from edge to edge. It's really fun to jump, pops like a champ, and is stable on takeoffs. A good medium flex and mellow rocker tips make it equally fun to jib and butter too."

Cons: "Can't really think of much. It slipped out sometimes when straight up turning and stopping though. I didn't get to ride it in powder, but I'm curious … it's definitely fun on sunny park days."

Verdict: "The rocker tips on this board feel less susceptible to edge catching, but there's a hint of slipperiness that comes with it," according to Jess. "It ollies like whoa and feels like the sweet pop is closer to your feet and the raised tips should also help you float a bit in powder."


Jess Roy
4/5 stars