Tested: RED Pure Helmet

snb0110_tes02_redRED Pure Helmet ($80)

Key Feature: Internal ventilation and super lightweight in-molded polycarbonate shell.

Pros: Caroline says, “This helmet is super light! It’s a helmet I could actually get used to wearing because I don’t feel the weight of it on my neck and it has a pretty low profile.”

Cons: Caroline noticed, “It was hard to tell if the vents were open or closed because they don’t click into place in either position. The gap between my goggles and the helmet was a little larger than I would like it to be.”

Verdict: Caroline concludes, “It’s a super light, sweet helmet. Even a person like me, who has trouble feeling comfortable in a helmet, could get used to wearing this on a daily basis. It doesn’t make me feel like a bobble-head doll like most helmets do.”


Caroline Onzik

Check out their website @: www.redprotection.com