Tested: Nixon Wire Mic Earphones

Nixon Wire Mic Earphones ($90)


Key Feature: iPhone compatible earphones with a mic for answering/ignoring calls and changing songs.

Pros: "Clean-cut design. Great acoustics. Easy to use—one touch of the button answers or denies a call, two touches on the button changes the track. And the cloth-covered, tangle-free cord doesn't hang up on gear like rubber ones do," says Caroline.

Cons: "At $90 a pop, these little gems are pricey. The reality is, if you can afford an iPhone, you can probably afford these, as well. In my opinion, they are worth the splurge," says Caroline.

Verdict: "You can keep that expensive iPhone tucked safely away in your jacket but still answer calls or change the track whenever you want. The mic is awesome, you can let it hang wherever and people hear you clearly—you can literally hold a conversation while hitting a jump! Nixon claims these earphones deliver big sound in a little package in a tangle-free way. That's an understatement. These earbuds sounded better than any I have ever owned. My friends could seriously hear me better than when I'm actually holding my phone. And yes, the cord stays untangled, so you are not spending time fixing it in the liftline like usual. I'd buy these in a heartbeat."

Caroline Onzik