Tested: Nixon Delta SS/PU

Nixon Delta SS/PU ($300–350)

Key features:
Compass, altimeter functions (tracks total and average vertical ridden), elevation, and slope and speed sensors (find your top and average speeds).

Chris says, "I was surprised at how easy it is to set the watch up and use all the features." Once on-hill, he found several good things to say about the watch: "The vertical tracking is fairly accurate—I tested it several times taking runs and the average was close each time. The compass and elevation both checked out, too."

Cons: Chris says, "The speed feature of the watch wasn't very accurate. I tested the feature several times and felt like I was going much faster than the watch said." The speed feature works by setting the angle of the terrain, so we're thinking it might work best on slopes with a consistent angle.

Verdict: If you're a numbers rider who's stoked on tracking your total vertical for every day of your vacation, you'll love how easy this watch is to use and how accurate it is. It never hurts to have a compass out on the mountain either—just in case. The speed function was a little iffy, but overall Chris thought all the functions made for "a really cool watch."