Tested: K2 Auto Ever Binding

snb0210_tes04_k2K2 Auto Ever Binding, ($299)

Key Feature: Auto cinching toe strap.

Pros: Chris exclaims, "Strap in faster than your friends on a pow day! The auto cinching toe strap gets plenty tight. They ride and feel like a normal binding, plus they're easy to setup and adjust."

Cons: "The toe strap can get in the way when you put your foot in and out, so you have to get used to putting the toe of your boot in first," says Chris.

Verdict: "Initially I thought that the toe strap would not get tight enough, but after adjusting it, it gets plenty tight and distributes pressure evenly and yes, you can strap in faster! And you don't lose any performance or comfort with these bindings."

Chris Luzier