Tested: Holden Marie 3L Jacket

snb0110_tes06_holdencroppedHolden Marie 3L Jacket ($480)

Key Feature: C_Change fabric—a Swiss design featuring exceptional wind and waterproofness and eco-friendlier production in accordance with Blue Sign (bluesign.com).

Pros: Jess remarked, "It's unbelievably lightweight and extremely windproof and waterproof. The length is great, and it has deep pockets and the Recco system. I love the matte black color, too."

Cons: Jess noticed, "Alone, it wasn't as warm as I expected it to be, but it's a shell, so layers of insulation are a must. Personally, I would like it to be a bit roomier in the chest area, too."

Verdict: Jess found, "It's a stealthy tech jacket that has an amazing ability to shield you from the elements while respecting them at the same time. I rode it on a really windy, snowy day and couldn't feel a thing. Go green-tech!"

Jessica Roy