Tested: Gnu Park Pickle

Gnu Park Pickle ($490)


Key feature: Asymmetrical sidecut (deeper on the heelside) for better foot and body symmetry and balance on the board.

Pros: Alex says, "It's such an easy board to ride and has tons of pop. Heelside turns are almost too easy."

Cons: "The Banana Technology reverse camber and Magnetraction edges take a run or two to get used to, especially on jumps," says Alex.

Verdict: Alex concludes, "At first I wasn't sure about all of the technology in this board. But after cranking a couple heelside turns, I knew that this board was for real, it felt really balanced. This board kills it in the park. It has a deceiving name because it also rips on groomers and floats in pow with the Banana Technology. If you're looking for a board that will dominate the mountain, this is it. It's the Swiss Army knife of snowboards."

Alex Lopez