Tested: Forum Shaka Bindings


Forum Shaka Binding ($240)

Key Feature: A hinged disc and flexible base tray for better board flex and feel.

Pros: Alex mentions, “Finally, a better-flexing binding for four-hole boards-and with such a low profile underfoot, it feels like you’re surfing! Having so little in between you and your board also makes getting from edge to edge quick and painless.”

Cons: Alex mentions, “They do take a little while to get situated to fit your boots, but once tuned, you’re set. And the hinged disc only works on boards with a four-hole pattern.”

Verdict: Alex concludes, “They are the future of bindings! There’s nothing I hate more in a binding than too much stuff obstructing the feel between my feet and my board, and these solve that problem. If you’re looking for a surf/skate feel or just a general buttery-ass binding, then these are for you.”

Alex Lopez