Tested: Flux Distortion Bindings


Flux Distortion Bindings ($270)

Key Feature: A lateral-flexing (side to side) urethane highback for increased mobility that is built to remain rigid when on the heel edge.

Pros: “The binding allows for an extremely wide range of motion, meaning you can pretty much get yourself into any pretzel-ized position your imagination comes up with. The disc cover and baseplate shock pad did wonders for impact reduction while the ratchets were consistently fail proof and let me out, and in, with no trouble,” says Kyle.

Cons: Kyle found, “Sometimes that extra range of motion leads to pretzel-izing in a way never intended by the user.” Also, “The heel-edge response and support behind your calf is pretty lacking.”

Verdict: “It’s a great, innovative design if you want a really gelly, jibby binding, but if you’re looking for a binding that provides support and edge control, you might want to look further.” According to Flux, you can, however, swap the asymmetrical highbacks from left to right to add some rigidity.

Kyle Martin