Tested: Flow Prima SE Bindings

flow-primaFlow Prima SE Bindings ($280)

Key feature: New locking mini-ratchets for custom adjustments.

Pros: Caroline says, "The boot hold is snug, and the bindings are super responsive and light—I felt like I was floating on my board! Plus they look pretty cool and have a super low-profile, my skinny pants fit right over them."

Cons: "The initial setup can be a little frustrating because the adjustments are different than a two-strap binding. The ratchets seemed difficult to loosen with my foot in it, I felt like they kept my toes really tight but a little loose around my heel," says Caroline.

Verdict: Caroline concludes, "I really enjoyed the way the bindings rode—they're awesome, but I found myself adjusting them before and after every run, not just stepping in and going like I thought I would." If you're a fan of Power Strap technology, this might not be an issue for you; in fact, the new mini-ratchets further binding adjustability. If you're unfamiliar, though, it may take a little time to get comfortable with how the bindings work.

Caroline Onzik