Tested: DaKine Nova Wristguard Glove

DaKine Nova Wristguard Glove ($50)

Key feature: Built-in aluminum/nylon wrist protection.

Pros: Dave's first impression was that "this is a comfy, warm, well-made glove." He tested this glove with a beginning boarder and says, "The rider felt like the gloves gave him good support on typical falls that come with learning to snowboard." He adds, "He had actually hurt his wrist on his first day without the gloves."

Cons: Dave says, "For me the glove seemed bulky and hard to do little things like access pockets and adjust gear because your wrists are stiff." He adds, "They were also a little difficult to do advanced snowboard tricks such as handplants."

"They do seem to support the wrist and prevented minor injuries," Dave says. "I would totally recommend these to people learning to snowboard, riders who fall a lot, and those with weak wrists."

Dave Reynolds