Tested: Burton Women’s Molotov EST Bindings

Burton Molotov Snowboard Binding

Burton Women's Molotov EST Bindings ($260)

Key Feature: A winged highback for added lateral support and leverage.

Pros: Jess says, "The flex, combined with the height and the wings, allowed for endless nose- and tailpresses and magical saves when I thought I was going to skid out. Comfortable foot beds, handy gas pedals, and plush straps sealed the deal for me."

Cons: Jess found that "snow stuck to the denim accents, and at times the buckles were a little sticky and hard to release."

Verdict: Jess' first thought was, "Holy highback! I was hesitant because of its height, but there was no need, these bad boys are super comfortable. And aside from their trick-maximizing traits that had me pressing like a champion, they're sleek, super fun, comfortable, and responsive."

Jess Roy4/5
Jessica Roy