Tested: Bataleon Goliath Snowboard

Bataleon Goliath Snowboard, ($470)


Key Feature: Freestyle Triple Base Technology (TBT)—a concave base for freestyle riding.

Pros: Says Chris, "This board is more forgiving on landings and easier to butter. It makes catching your edge a little harder and helps when you over or under rotate spins."

Cons: He also mentions, "It's a little squirrelly at high speeds and on jump landings. It feels like transferring from edge to edge is slower because you have to lean farther to get on edge."

Verdict: "This board is more forgiving on some aspects like jibbing, butters, and even smearing around spins, but I didn't like the overall feel of instability that came with it, especially at speed" Chris says.

Chris Luzier