Tested: Bakoda Base Paste

Bakoda Base Paste ($15)

Key feature:
Eco-friendly rub-on paste wax.

Pros: It comes with an easy-to-use foam applicator and smart packaging. The Base Paste dries quickly so you don't have to worry about it rubbing off on your outerwear when you carry your board. Most importantly, it totally works and makes your board fly!

The super-speed blast it provides only lasts a few runs, but for rub-on wax that's pretty impressive. If your base is really hurting, however, it might be better to go in for a quick hot wax rather than reapply this all day long.

I would absolutely use Base Paste, not as an alternative to hot wax, but as a quick fix when my board feels slow and sticky. It's perfect for those contest kids who want a leg up on the competition or for those who just don't want to blow it on a pow day with a slow board!

Caroline Onzik