Technine One Love, $400Technine One Love, $400

Here’s what the testers had to say:

“Really good pop, easy to jump.”
“I loved this board. It was really comfortable right off the bat. Soft but no too soft, buttery but solid at the same time. One of faves so far.”
“This board has great rebound and is really fun to larger radius carved turns. Easy transitions between turns.”
“Super fun, radical board to ride. Handles jumps well and is pretty jibby.”

Technine One Love Effective Edge (cm) Waist Width (cm) Weight Range (lbs) Stance Range (in) Stance Location (in) Sidecut (m) Shape Camber
142 cm 105.8 23.2 n/a 18.9-22.05 Centered 5.96 Twin Traditional
146 cm 109.5 23.5 n/a 18.9-22.05 Centered 6.38 Twin Traditional
149 cm 113.1 23.8 n/a 19.69-22.83 Centered 6.81 Twin Traditional
152 cm 114.7 24.1 n/a 19.69-22.83 Centered 7 Twin Traditional