A three foot long box showed up in my office this week. It was amazingly light for such a big box and none of us could figure out what it was. All it said on the box was Classic Foods.

Upon opening the box we discovered that it was a case of different flavors of potato and tortilla chips. Damn, sometimes there really is a free lunch. People kept rolling by the office asking if they could have a bag so I told them they could have one if they wrote a review of the chips they ate.

John Stouffer was the first to reply. He sampled the spicy hot Cholula style, flavored with the famous Cholula Hot Sauce. Here’s what he said:

“I like hot and spicy food to make me sweat and get my sinuses running.The cholula flavored Kettle Classics potato chips did just that. Fromthe time the chip hit my tongue to the time I swallowed, these chips letyou know that the best was still coming, lingering on as the fire beganto spread from taste bud to taste bud, then awakening the other spicesensors in my head. By the time I was done eating the whole bag, tearswere welling in my eyes, my nose was running, and my forehead wasdripping. And that’s just what I was looking for. Where’s the next bag?”

While John was chomping through his Chalula I popped over a bag of Salt and Vinegar. These things have more bite than a rabid Rotweiller. If you like your salt and vinegar chips tangy theses will do it. The first chip landed on my tongue like a nine-volt battery and kept right on bling-blinging my taste buds until I knocked the last bits of potato dust into the back of my throat.