Words: Morgan Tilton

MSRP: $230

Switchback's most responsive women's binding is a new fix for easy going mornings and jib-tastic afternoons. The highback, dubbed the midback, doesn't jam into the calf and provides mid-flex response, which hatches a mellow approach on tasty groomers and slowly steered mogul runs. The soft footbed is teamed with a rubber bushing and helps distill tranquil turns and provides comfort in all conditions from slabby hardpack to choppy, sun-baked crust. The bushing is thickest at the middle, then thins out at the toe and heel to promote rapidfire energy transfer. Sure, the UP is wicked comfortable, but it’s also responsive enough that boards do what you tell them to, when you tell them.

Two optional strap positions–one higher and one lower–offer quick reaction or surfy capability, respectively. And the footbed is adjustable so the padding can be moved fore and aft depending on where you want some extra love underfoot. Simple and amusing, the bindings can be put together sans tools like a set of Legos: the straps, highback and baseplate all slide and snap into place. Avant-garde riders can even remove the highback completely and go back-free.

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