Surplus: Urban Swervin’

Urban Swervin'

PHOTOS: Chris Wellhausen

Cruising the shadows seeking with a rider's eye, shoveling steps, and lurking on the low. The urban world is a different hustle from the alpine high. It's flooded with potential that's easily passed by. Prepare for hitting this paved place by packing these street pieces. --B.G.

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Holden Rawr Beanie ($26)

Analog Yesterday 1/4 Zip Hoodie ($88) and Investment Vest ($75)

Celtek Trippin' Gloves ($50) 



Holden Durden Pant ($270)

 ThirtyTwo Maven by Joe Sexton ($180)

DC Spectrum Softshell Hoodie ($170) and Antuco Gloves ($30)

Celtek NRT Beanie ($20) and Fleece Tube ($15)

DC Banshee Pant ($120) and Judge Boots ($280)

Banshee Bungee 20-ft. Board Bungee Package ($230)


Raiden Zero Bindings ($210) 

Nitro Swindle Snowboard ($380)