Surplus: Swift Lens Swapping Goggles

Take 'Er Easy

Wouldn't you rather be riding instead of fidgeting with your goggles in the parking lot, lift, or lodge? Problem solved with these simple and swift lens-swapping beauties. They have crisp spherical optics, and all come with at least two different lens tints for changing light conditions.

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Von Zipper John Jackson El Kabong ($195)

John J's go to for stormy pow days to roasting Sierra sun with a thin thermo plastic frame that stays supple and face fitting even in the coldest temps.

Giro Manifest ($200-260)

The Pop Top design lets you swap the lens without your grimy paws greasing up the crystal clear Carl Zeiss lenses. Offered in a polarized version, too.

Smith Scotty Lago Pro I/OX ($175)

This here's the Lago pro colorway, but you can also get them in white or black with a fancy photochromic lens, which adapts to light conditions for no swapping at all.

Dye CLK ($210-250)

Were not talking a CLK class Benz, but these have the style to match, a simple "click" lens swap, polarized lenses, and numerous tint options.

Spy Doom ($185-195)

Darkness be damned! With the new frames from Spy you can pop in a low-light lens with the simple push of a button. Easy eh?

Dragon x Nike APXs ($220)

Dragon's popular spherical goggle with a minimal frame shape for enhanced peripheral vision with a venting grate that stays snow-free to reduce fogging.

Anon M2 ($220-240)

Backed by the power of magnets, these lenses pop in and out with ease yet seal out snow and moisture for fog-free riding.