Pad Up

Split your shin on that back lip? Knock your noggin on that corked five? Injuries suck. One solid slam can sweep your entire season away before you know it. But getting battered and bruised can be minimized and even avoided altogether with a little padding. Just slip some on under your outerwear, and no one will ever know. More pros use it more than you think. If you're thrashing like a tiger shark through the park, consider this body protection.


Sessions Diffusion d3o Crew ($89)


RED Total Impact Shorts ($90)


Slytech Second Skin Wolle Nyvelt Back Protector ($220–260)


Pro-Tec IPS Rail Guard ($50)


Smith Maze Helmet in white ($100)

Giro Shiv Helmet in grey ($90)

Bern Macon Hard Hat in black ($100)

Sandbox Brain Bucket Classic in blue($90)