Like a joystick for your feet, boots translate ankle and foot movement to board and binding action. The better the fit and function, the clearer the message and movement. Let your eyes scour the bushel of boots below then let your feet dip in and decide what’s right.

ThirtyTwo Vela, $250
DC Lotus, $220
Northwave Dahlia, $150
Celsius Opus-5, $290
Ride Deuce, $220
Bonfire Flame, $200
Forum Kicker, $250
Nike Snowboarding Women's ZF1, $250
Celsius Fenom, $195
Ride Scarlet, $200
Salomon Lily G.I.F.T., $250
ThirtyTwo Lashed, $220
Nike Snowboarding Kaiju, $350
Vans Jamie Lynn, $220
Bonfire Bolt, $220
Burton Axel, $280
DC Journey, $250
Northwave Revolution, $160
Burton Grail, $330
Vans Hi-Standard, $160