Compiled by: Annie Fast

Product photos: Nick Hamilton

Boots: A Real Kick In The Ass


The DC Phantom 3s derive their uniqueness from the air bladder on the liner. Just pump it up to inflate them around your ankle for a snug custom fit–and then press the release to get unsnug.

In addition, the liner has a gel pad in the toe to soften the impact of harsh landings. These innovations are just a couple of the results from DC riders like Travis Rice and Josh Dirksen tinkering at the DC Mountain Lab last winter.


The ThirtyTwo TM-Twos were one of the most popular boots with riders in the TWS Buyer's Guide Setups. ThirtyTwos accounted for eighteen of the 79 setups, and seven of those riders were in the TM-Two.

Just heat-mold the liners and crank on the ankle harness– these lightweight boots will go straight from the box to the slopes without the pain.


While just about every company has a Boa lacing system on its boot these days, Vans was one of the first. Just dial the Vans Fargo Boa on in the morning and pop the knob to be the first to get 'em the hell off at the end of the day. Slip into these boots and find out what happens when the Vans team's favorite Fargos are combined with the Boa closure–a perfect fit.


Burton's new limited-release Shaun White boot has a synthetic-leather upper and a custom full-length backstay, resulting in a boot that won't cramp Shaun's skate-driven style. Shaun says, “I'm really stoked about my boots. I had a lot of creative control and it turned out to be something that I'm really proud of.”


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Puffy Goodness

Throw away those dog-hair-covered fleeces–puffy jackets are way warmer and better lookin' than layering.

Helly Hanson Resonance Jacket

Pompeian Red


Mission Six Snake Eyes Jacket



Ripcurl Civic Fremont Jacket

Ice and Darkside



Convert Dixie Prisma Parka

Cosmo Blue


Ride Blunt Down Parka

Bewitched Green


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Random Bits

Ever crash with a bulky tool in your pocket? Bakoda's

Advanced Hi-Back Pack is a better place to stash it.



The Moonlight LED headlamp is super-bright and lightweight–great for creeping around on late-night rail missions.



The new Superfeet WinterGreen footbeds provide maximum foot comfort and warmth for your shred boots so you can stay out longer. Need proof? Just compare these to the flaccid ones that came with your snowboard boots. Stay warmer and drier longer.

$36 per pair

Proderma Windscreen protects against the brutal elements on the slopes. The non-greasy windscreen formula helps prevent windburn, chapping, and dryness caused by nucllear wind events you might encounter on, say, the chairlift at Bridger Bowl. Just say no to dry-skin chin beards.

$8 (two-ounce bottle)


Red Bull is an indispensable, multipurpose multitasker. It can do everything from finishing off the last two hours of the six-hour drive to Mammoth at two in the morning to editing the last draft of this here magazine. It also helps Coyle and the rest of his dirt Portland crew to keep the party going until the sun comes up.


Brrr … winter is cold. The Red Ninjaclava protects your nose and ears from turning black and falling off. Pair it up with a beanie or helmet, and you'll be submarining pow turns in sub zero.