686 Enterprises Sleeping Bag
Ever seen that episode of 20/20 where they run tests on hotel bedspreads to show exactly what you’re sleeping on in some of the country’s most reputable hotels? If so, you’ll be down at the shred shop buying the Ranger sleeping bag with a quickness. Including a temperature-rating of fifteen degrees, polyester high-loft fill, and an insulated drawstring inner collar, you’ll never have to find out why they call those hotel blankets “cum-forters.” Suggested Retail Price: $120

Jeenyus Horse And Deer Women’s Sweatshirts
A keen sense of irony and witty art direction have made all things Jeenyus extraordinarily clever (just ask them)-and these girls’ sweatshirts with fuzzy animal logos are some of the best. The galloping pony is very sassy and recalls the old Jordache Jeans mustang from the 80s, while the Reindeer zip hoody is collegiate-meets-holiday sweater fun. SRP: $42 for the Horse, $56 for the Deer

Oakley Incubator Jacket
An Oakley puffy epidemic hit the pro tour hard at the beginning of last season. The number of riders and industry people representing at any one contest was well into the double digits. A few were even zipping on different-colored hoods and defacing the coats with magic marker in an effort to look different. You can be sure that there’s a reason (beyond the hookup) for the Oakley puffy phenomena-these jackets are extremely warm and technical, using high-quality down so you don’t have to layer underneath to stay cozy. SRP: $290

P.G. Tips Tea

TransWorld recently hired a new photo editor from England. On his last trip home, everyone got really excited about all the very British gifts he was going to bring back-cases of Stella, Union Jack undergarments, bangers and mash. But the only thing the limey bastard brought us was tea. Well, as it turns out, this wasn’t just any old tea. The bags have a special pyramid shape that promotes water circulation in the brewing process-that’s right, they stir themselves! The wonders of tea technology … and enough caffeine to kill a horse. SRP: $5.50 for 40 bags

Gravis Cell Blocks
It’s not really enough to just be a snowboarder anymore. These days, you have to be a photographer, filmer, and keep up with cutting-edge electro-gadgets to get any respect out here. It’s okay-Gravis understands, and with these sturdy, futuristic cases in three sizes, it shows. The Cell Blocks have a synthetic-leather exterior with foam-lined protection. The small one holds digital cameras, as well as MD and MP3 players; the medium (not shown) fits point-and-shoot and digital cameras, cassette Walkmans, and larger MD players; and the large is great for smaller digital video cameras-it’s also the perfect size for an urban man-purse. SRP: $10 for the small, $15 for the medium, $20 for the large

Celebrating Diversityv
A DIY guide to personalizing your setup
. Somewhere along the path from underground to mainstream, being a nonconformist because you were a snowboarder became following the latest “nonconformist” trend. In the beginning, though, ownership of a board branded you an oddball, a misfit, a freak. There’s something empowering about not fitting in. So think about that the next time you find yourself hungrily waiting for the latest gear to round out your JP Walker look-alike kit. And if you’re trying to be punk rock, what’s so punk about looking the same as all your friends?

* Make your own stencil: There are plenty of ways to make shred gear original beyond a few generic stickers (which everyone has access to anyway). Spray paint is a wonderful thing and cheap enough for everyone, so why not design your own topsheet? Cut out a stencil using a razor blade and cardboard or paper … and use it again and again. Shop for bargains if you’re really broke-sometimes theey discount the really fruity colors. * Rip the sleeves of your snow jean jacket: Couldn’t wait to get that new snow denim home until you found out that all your friends just made the exact same purchase? No problem. Tearing the sleeves off instantly transforms the article into a brand-new statement of your individuality and belief in personal freedom. (NOTE: only do this if you bought it with your own money-your parents don’t give a shit about diversity.) * Heat-mold your own boot liners: If there’s anything that’s different on everyone, it’s feet. Thank god for heat-molding liners that celebrate originality by adjusting to every quirk and deformity. First, make sure your liners are indeed heat moldable. Then set the oven temperature around 250 and heat them one at a time on a cookie sheet for about five minutes-until they’re mushy and slightly expanded. WATCH THEM CAREFULLY-it’s not that hard to end up with an expensive mess of melted neoprene. When the liner has reached the desired temperature, stuff it back in the boot shell, insert your bare foot, and lace it down tight. Stand up and let the liner cool for about twenty minutes. To allow more room in the toe box (it’s easier to keep warm when your toes have circulation), wrap toilet paper around each individual toe beforehand.* Add to your graphics: Some office supplies are just begging to be misused, and the Sharpie is one of them. Your topsheet is a blank canvas, so go to town. Express yourself with anything from song lyrics to drawings, or a favorite non-sequitor statement. If you have a dark board, a whiteout pen also works beautifully.* Use the parking lot to de-tune your edges: There’s always more than one way to do things. When de-tuning the tip and tail of your board, pavement has the same dulling effect on edges as a diamond stone. While your friends are digging through their tuning kits like a bunch of grade-school nerds with pencil cases, use the parking lot or sidewalk to grind down the area up to where your effective edge starts. Mutter something about how store-bought stones are for suckers. Be careful, though-you don’t want to make new burrs, just lessen the odds of catching an edge and getting a concussion. * Make a stomp pad: Let’s face it-stomp pads really aren’t the coolest accessory. They’re like training wheels for getting on and off the lift. But they can be all right if you get creative. Cut them up into any number of designs-your mom or girlfriend’s name, a bucking bronco, even a nice little bunny.