Expecting 70-degrees on your next summer shred? Don’t pack the usual snowboard gear or you'll spend all day sweating more than a call girl in a confession booth. To help keep bodies constantly breathing fresh mountain air and skin safe while exposed to sun and snow at altitude, we compiled these gear items for summer snowboarding.


Analog Jungle bucket hat for snowboardingAnalog Jungle Bucket Hat – $35
Bucket hats are clutch under the scorching sun, and we all know cotton kills in the hills. Quick-dry polyester is the way to go. The Jungle Bucket Hat not only dries fast but also repels water. Think of it as a miniature jungle canopy on your head, protecting your ears and neck from the sun's scorching summer rays and letting snowmelt bead off the brim while you stay cool underneath.


Dragon MountaineerX snowboard glacier sunglasses

Dragon Glacia MountaineerX Sunglasses – $220
Dragon's version of glacier shades, the MountaineerX, look like the average pair of shades, but comes with clip-on leather sun shields to block bright light and wind-blasted snow that could otherwise attack from the side. They also come with interchangeable ear loops and a neck lanyard for when the going gets gnarly, because nobody wants to worry about dropping their shades and having to hike back uphill in the heat.


Volcom Shandy Flannel summer snowboard shirtVolcom Shandy Flannel – $90
Not only does rocking a long-sleeve protect arms when you bail, it prevents having to reapply sunscreen every hour. The Shandy Flannel brings street style to the slopes and the DWR finish repels water so there’s no wet layer sticking to your back all day. And unless friends confirm you smell like a dirty hippie after hours on the hill, there’s no need to change shirts after riding. This casual-cool lady killer looks good from the car to the bar and everywhere between.


Beyond Coastal Active Face Stick snowbaord sunscreenBeyond Coastal SPF 30 Active Face Stick – $7
Once sunscreen touches goggle or sunglass lenses it's impossible to get them fully clean without rinsing. Drop a face stick in your pack or pocket before leaving the base area or trail head and forget about greasy finger smears. At 0.5 ounces and small enough to clench in a fist, the Active Face Stick is hardly noticeable it in a cargo pocket. It goes on clear, not white, and lasts two hours. Or if you get wet by bailing into a creek or wreck mid-pond skim, then it'll last forty minutes.


Celtek Postman snowboard liner gloveCeltek Postman Touchscreen – $20
Melt-freeze snow scrapes skin and since we're knuckle draggers, many of us wear gloves no matter what time of year it is. But hands can overheat even in park gloves, so a thin pair that doesn't soak up water is a great substitute. Celtek makes a glove called the Postman that works well as a winter liner and kicks ass in summer. The polyester wicks moisture and blocks some wind, and the fingers are infused with silver that can control a touchscreen so there's no need to take them off to throw up Snap or Insta post. And they're only $20, so if you shred through 'em just snag another pair.


Wend Speed Pocket warm snowboard waxWend Speed Pocket Warm Wax 10-40F+ – $14
Keep a bar of warm weather wax handy at all times to avoid getting stuck mid-mountain while your friends shred on without you. Starting to stick? Bust out the bar, give your weapon a quick rubdown, and keep on keepin' on. Wend warm wax is good on all qualities of snow, even dirty summer slush, and it's made from real bits of Kazu Kokubo, so you know it's good. Bits of his style, not his skin.


Oakley Lunch Box backpackOakley Lunch Box Backpack – $300
Backpacks with built-in coolers are the bee's knees. They're the cat's pajamas. Shoot, the bullfrog's beard. Oakley’s Lunch Box pack stores not only all the essentials on this summer snowboard gear list, but also keeps lunch and summit sodas (that's mountain slang for road sodas) cold in the cooler compartment for as long as eight hours at 90 degrees F. At least, that's what Oakley says. Don't plan on riding long with this bulky load on your back, but it's perfect on the sideline while lapping the park.


Mizu V12 snowboard water bottleMizu V12 bottle – $42
Double-wall, vacuum-insulated water bottles made from stainless steel keep cold drinks cold. They also keep hot drinks hot but that's more of a winter story. Fill it up with ice in the morning and sip on a chilled, refreshing beverage throughout the day. The Mizu V12 holds 40 ounces so don't be afraid to pour heavy, just keep in mind carbonated drinks get shaken, not stirred, when bouncing down the hill.


Stance Seminol merino wool socksQuick-dry socks that actually dry quickly – $20-24
Snowboard socks with light cushioning don't soak up as much sweat as thick or medium padded socks but still offer comfort where it matters. As long as the shin and underfoot are cushioned and the socks dry fast you should be set in this category. Merino wool does the quick-dry thing just right, and also fights odor better than other materials. SmartWool's PhD® Snowboard Light Socks are one example. Stance Socks also has cool lightweight merino options, and they're steezier than most SmartWool pairs.


Burton Test-I-Cool dual vent pantsDouble doors aka private viewing windows $190-380
To get the best breeze down below, get zip vents on both the outside and inside of the legs. You just might hear gospel music the first time you're sweating it out on snow and you bust open the double doors on each leg. A number of pants have this feature but Burton makes a mesh-lined Vent Pant and a 2L Swash Pant that are extra dope, both with GORE-TEX® waterproofing and Test-I-Cool inner thigh vents that offer essential crotch crosswinds in the summer heat. The Vent Pant also has a stretchy shell material that helps when hiking laps and flexing through the park.


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