THE SNOW IS HERE! Danika claims that though we’ve only gotten a few dustings to dumps, and ambitious mountains everywhere are open, we still may be a bit short on the precipitation but no where short of the bitter cold. Now none of us want to look like the Michelin man or the kid from A Christmas Story but no doubt the puffy jacket is back and so is staying warm. Hoping for a prime winter wonderland by the new year, here are some cool new styles from across the spectrum of goods for this season. These items will not only keep you super warm and dry but feeling and looking good all day on and off hill.

Important things to keep in mind when gearing up for a cold pre season day…

  • Whether you want a warmer jacket and less layers…
  • Or more warmer base layers with a lighter weight jacket… whatever fits your style.
  • Wearing a good technical first layer that keeps in the heat and wicks away the sweat is critical on days like these, where if you sweat when you ride and don’t have a wicking material, your gonna freeze on your way back up that lift, which can lead to bad times.
  • Consider the waterproof rating of the jacket and pants where 10,000 mm or up is your best bet for staying totally dry. At a 10,000 mm rating, your gear can withstand a light pressure regarding rain and snow. Where 20,000 mm can handle heavy rain and very wet snow. In the case of a 10k or 10,000 mm fabric, if you put a square tube with inner dimensions of 1" x 1" over a piece of said fabric, you could fill it with water to a height of 10,000 mm (32.8 feet) before water would begin to leak through 
  • How much insulation your jacket and pants have. On a day where the temperatures reach the 20’s having at least 100g of insulation in your coat can go a long way. The more insulation you have, the warmer your stuff, where Jackets can range up to around 600g between the body and arms. Your pants may only have 40g of insulation but that too can give you the extra heat you need to make it through your day.
  • Keeping all the holes closed (make sure no snow can get it at the waist, wrists, or neck). It’s always a good idea to tuck in as much as possible meaning your first layer, your mittens, and your face mask or gaitor. Promise you won’t regret it.

Now remember to always try and buy at your local snowboard shop…

Insulated Jackets – Having a jacket with over 100g of insulation can go a long way and keep you having a great day on hill full of comfort, warmth, and style.

L1ta Tamaryn Parka

686 Women’s Parklan Transfer Down Jacket (Recommended by Danika Duffy)

Airblaster SnuggleSquatch Jacket

Insulated Pants – You may not always need pants with insulation and often having the right waterproof pant and a good warm base layer is enough. But nothing wrong with having a little more heat in the seat and the knees.

L1ta Scarlett Pant

Holden Cara Pant

Volcom Recoil Ins Pant

First Layers – A good base layer is critical to staying dry and warm. “Circulation is key! Make sure you have the right size in order to stay warm.” – Mary Rand 

686 Women's Airhole Thermal One-Piece (recommended by Danika Duffy)

Burton Women's Tech Tee

Burton Women's Midweight Pant

Volcom Bipod Pant and Rio Crew Top (Recommended by Mary Rand)

Hoodies and Fleeces – I always recommend repping your favorite companies whether it's Drink Water, Crab Grab, or Cobra Dogs, but having a good technical hoodie or fleece can do one good on those real cold days if you don't have much more than a shell jacket or are super vulnerable to the chilly weather.

Volcom Tower Pullover Fleece

Nikita Heida Fleece

Holden W's Sherpa Pullover

Neck Warmer/Balaclava –  Keeping the bitter air from hitting your neck and head or entering your coat is critical to staying warm and happy on hill. I always recommend having a face mask or neck warmer but the balaclava can be a rad all in one piece that can be easily layered.

Celtek 5505A Neckwarmer (Recommended by Danika Duffy)

COAL The B.E.B Light Balaclava

Mittens – After being a glove gal for so many years, the first time I rode with mittens my bind was blown! The warmth was incomparable and I was instantly hooked. These mittens can offer you the warmth you need with the style you want.

Volcom OBA GORE-TEX Mitt (Recommended by Mary Rand)

DAKINE Firebird Mitt

686 Women's Authentic Diamond Mitt (Recommended by Danika Duffy)

Socks – Most think socks are just socks, and are left unaware of the varying features amongst fabric, padding, and support that can lead to you having a much better time while riding. The key to keeping the footsies happy all day on hill is finding a sock that is warm and fits right.

Burton Women's Merino Phase Sock

Stance Supernova Sock