Tested with Shimano Reaper boot.

Ease of entry: Above Average
Ease of exit: Above Average
Performance: Good
Snow clog factor: Average
Step in on the fly? Yes!
Highback: External

Clicker picker-uppers are rewarded by a connection that is simple, provides toe/heel locking points that feel solid underfoot, and releases speedily with a gentle, one-handed lift. Wrap the leash around the mechanism levers and you can bail out totally in an emergency-releasing both feet with a single swipe.

K2 teamed up with Shimano for a design that combines the best of both the snowboard binding and a bike pedal. The ride is traditional, with forward lean that locks out for responsive riding, and simple working parts you can depend on. With the external highback on this model, HB riders can wear boots that are softer and more comfy to walk and drive in.

This system allows easy in-and-out, but there is a learning curve. Beginners can find it tricky as you can’t physically see the connection because it’s on the bottom of the boot. When the connection points (which are small) aren’t lined up, or are clogged with snow, the HB can be troublesome.

Across the board, the Clicker-HB or otherwise-is one of the systems closest to realizing the step-in promise of instant gratification.

Thumbs up: Highback forward lean releases for easy entry. Toe and heel contacts provide responsive feel. Wide variety of boot choices.

Thumbs down: Extra move required to release highback. Toe/heel/highback system can be difficult to enter from a seated position (beginners).

These companies also make Clicker-compatible boots: DeeLuxe, K2, and Nitro.

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