Step In Binding Reviews 2000: Arcane Carbonara

Tested with Arcane Full Tilt boot.

Ease of entry: Average
Ease of exit: Average
Performance: Below Average
Snow clog factor: Good
Step in on the fly? With a twist.
Highback: Internal

The mechanics of the Arcane interface run smoothly and simply. With no moving parts, just a turn of the boot locks it in place, climaxing with a resonant click. It’s a shame, though, that such an easy entry requires a ridiculous degree of twist in the hip and knee. You thread your boot into the baseplate groove like screwing down the top of a jelly jar. Unless the snow is heavily packed, this motion automatically clears the interface of clog, but it’s tough to imagine trying such gymnastics on a steep, hairball slope.

The release lever is slight and unobtrusive. Tripping it is easy, and you can spin your foot out either clockwise or counter clockwise. Taking both feet out at the same time would be an impressive stunt.

Because the Arcane system uses an internal, built-into-the-boot highback for support, performance of all but the actual interface connection is dependent on the boots themselves. Forward lean is adjusted by a simple wedge placed behind your calf, affecting the angle of your leg in the boot, but not the angle of the boot itself.

Thumbs up: Snow clog is an inherent nonissue. Bindings are sleek and light.

Thumbs down: The twisting required for entry may be too much for some.

Elan also makes boots for the Arcane system.

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