Tested: Spy Apollo Goggles

Spy Apollo Goggles ($185-220)

Key feature: Dual radius lens for improved peripheral vision.

Pros: First impressions are everything in goggles. Sandra says, "I liked how these goggles looked right out of the bag." She adds, "The ventilation system was great, I did a lot of hiking in warm conditions when fogging can definitely be a problem, but these goggles stayed nice and dry." As for the new lens technology, Sandra said she had no glare problems from the savage rays at Hood and didn't get dizzy while riding.

Cons: The fit was almost there, but Sandra had one complaint: "Right around the nose, I felt that it would kind of pinch down. If that had been a bit wider, I think it would have a more comfortable fit."

Verdict: Sandra says, "When I don't notice a lens, it means that I love it. These had lots of peripheral, which was good. In addition, the goggles were super light, had a good look to them, and definitely stayed fog-free."