So you’re driving to the mountain

High Grades John Antoski

Illustration by John Antoski

The Drive

So you're driving to the mountain. All the homeys are packed in like sardines. Seems like a straightforward deal, right? Wrong. It's a very calculated and delicate matter, peril lurks around every switchback. Driving to your local zone should not be attempted without the following editors picks.

Adidas Jake Blauvelt Boots ($150)

The other day I stepped in dog shit. It totally sucked. If I were wearing this boot I would have been stoked. It's waterproof and it has a deep tread so it would be clean. In these boots stepping in dog shit or snow will never be a problem again. —Hondo

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Backcountry Access B-52 Shovel ($60)

This sucker's 11×13 inch blade and 40-inch handle is plenty of shovel to dig yourself or a van full of babes out of a ditch. You could also use it to make an igloo, which would provide an excellent shelter to bring said babes to recover. —JP

Quiksilver Ghost Tree Jacket ($175)

This jacket is choice for those early morning starts, sipping coldies in the parking lot or just cruising around town in winter. It has a cool old school look, it's packed with 550-fill goose down for warmth and it even makes a nice pillow on the ride home.—BG

The North Face Base Camp Duffel ($100–170)

These duffels are awesome because they're rugged and simple and only have two pockets. They come in a handful of sizes and they're near waterproof, so you can toss it on the snowy parking lot while you get ready. —BG

Thule Universal Flat Top Rack ($199)

You shouldn't try to put your snowboards on top of your car without a solid rack on there. Otherwise, they would just fly off into the road, and everyone in the car behind you would probably die. —JP


There you have it, now you’ll be equipped to get to the mountain safely—without shit on your shoes and without killing anyone.*

* These products will not keep you from driving like a dumbass.