SnowPro snowboard bindings will introduce the new Base binding for beginners as well as a complete redesign of the rest of the line. These redesigned models include the Step-In binding, the high performance Race binding, the Force for recreational riders and the JR for kids. The Base and the Force are the lightest snowboard bindings in the world. This has been achieved by eliminating unneeded materials through the use of computer technology and the application of high tech materials. The Race binding bales have been reinforced by 20% for increased durability and the heel plates on the Base and Force now have boot guiding wedges.

All the mechanisms of the newly designed Step-In are produced in a steel-synthetic compound which is 100% enclosed to avoid freezing and clogging up with snow. It has 3 degrees canting and 7 mm heel lift. The Step-In is designed for use with most hard boots and no adapter is required.

The Race is stiff and strong with a small profile. The milled aluminum baseplate, reinforced bales and new front fastener ensure optimal force transfer and steering precision. The new bale design and anti-slide boot plate provide excellent boot to binding interface. Canting from -3 degrees to + 9 degrees, and heel lift up to 7mm, enable each rider to personalize his/her bindings to accommodate individual riding styles.

The Force is a recreational binding, more flexible than the Race, with a built in 3 degree cant, a new reinforced integral baseplate and a new front fastener. The new bale design guarantees precise force transfer to the board and comes with optional heel-lift capabilities for individual needs. Dampening elements have been added to help dampen shock and minimize lateral movement.

The Base is a beginner and all-round binding with a new integral baseplate 30% lighter than previous comparable models. The angle adjustment goes from 0 to 360 degrees in 3 degree steps; the base has integrated 3 degree canting; and there is a newly designed front fastener.

The Race, Force and Base all offer a wide range of boot size adjustments from Mondopoint 22.5 to 32. They are also available with 4 X 4 and 3D disc hole patterns.

The JR is designed especially for youngsters. Its new integral base-plate with 3 degrees canting enables variable angle adjustments from l5 to 60 degrees. The JR is designed to fit boots from Mondopoint 18.5 to 25.5 and riders up to 99 pounds.

SnowPro Bindings are distributed by Raichle Molitor USA, Inc. RMUSA is also the exclusive distributor of Raichle Ski, Snowboard, Hiking, Mountaineering and Trekking Boots; Dee Luxe Snowboard Boots; Fischer Alpine Skis; Fischer Cross Country Skis and Boots; Hot and Hammer Snowboards; Rage Snowboard Bindings; Boxx Snowboard Clothing; and Eloura Snowboard Gloves. The company is based in Brewster, New York and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raichle Sports AG of Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.