Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 Burton Supermodel

You can’t do much better than “Burton’s best freeriding board.” That’s how the company’s Scott Rivers labels the Supermodel. One notch stiffer than the Fluid, a couple clicks softer than the Custom, and benefitting from a do-it-all shape, the Supermodel lives up to its name by being unbelievably well-proportioned.

This year’s board is beefier than its waif-like predecessor; it’s Burton’s first ride to combine the Carbon I-Beam and cap construction. Still, the Super retains the easy-to-ride-and especially carve-versatility it’s become known and loved for.

Kurt pinned the tail on this one saying, “The length adds stability without the feeling of a big board.”

Others wrote comments like “responsive,” “quick,” “great small turns,” and “lively but not jittery.”

Is there an equation for the best of both worlds? If so, it’s probably in the head of designers/refiners Craig Kelly and Shannon Dunn, who had a hand in this beaut of a board.

A true freerider. Good choice for those with slightly smaller feet.