Snowboard Life’s Top 25 Board Test 2000 Burton Custom

The Custom is everything you’d expect from a tri-holer. It even had J2 throwin’ down compliments. It’d be hard to go wrong recommending this ride to any snowboard artisan.

The Custom was redesigned for 2000 with help from Burton riders like Dave Downing, Marcus Egge, and Leslee Olson, which lends a clue to the board’s versatile traits. Its purpose? A board with both a freestyle feel and freeride capabilities.

The Custom was appreciated across the board and appealed to a surprising variety of test riders. Robyn and Randy pegged it as the one that could, quite possibly, end up going home with them “by mistake” at the end of the week, labeling the board “a smooth and lively ride.” Hard-nosed Delaney hailed the Custom’s balls-out carving and light feeling underfoot, claiming that it’s the ticket to surviving anything the mountain can throw at ya.